Please don’t disable me before my time….

I was having lunch the other day with some of my colleagues and I was talking about how my husband caught me climbing on a ladder in the garden. I had looked up while putting some netting on my cherry tree, when I saw him looking through the window in our bedroom. When I wentContinue reading “Please don’t disable me before my time….”

Exercise increasing…

So, tonight I went to the gym as well as last night, as I have a busy week this week and couldn’t go on my usual nights which will be mainly on a Monday and Thursday. One thing I have learned from this, is that I need a recovery day in between. I didn’t doContinue reading “Exercise increasing…”

My shiny red E-bike

When Parkies entered in my life and knocked upon my door I thought I’d have to stop and that I’d bike no more For I was finding getting home, could sometimes be too tiring Something Parkies did to me by messing up my wiring! So, I bought an e-bike shiny red to take out onContinue reading “My shiny red E-bike”

Training for life – Day 2

Firstly, let me say that I am not going to post about every day I have at the gym. That could become tedious for all concerned! But I thought I might post perhaps for the first week or first seven days – not necessarily consecutively – on how I am finding my return to theContinue reading “Training for life – Day 2”

Training for life… Day 1

Yesterday, I met with my new trainer for the first time. We talked about my goals and what I liked to do at the gym and what I needed to do for my Parkinson’s. We have an appointment next week to start going through my programme. However, she said that I could come in toContinue reading “Training for life… Day 1”