Parkies …. it’s no joke!

I was reading a post on a Parkinson’s Facebook page I belong to. It was on the subject of people making jokes about Parkinson’s. They said, “Recently Wendy asked a question about how to handle a thoughtless comment making fun of someone with PD in her presence when she has been recently diagnosed.” Sometimes itContinue reading “Parkies …. it’s no joke!”

Being honest and not always positive!

I read today another PD person’s Blog about feeling less than positive and her symptoms getting on top of her for the last few days or so. She is usually a very positive person, but she is having a bad run of it at present and she was apologising for writing a less than positiveContinue reading “Being honest and not always positive!”

A sense of urgency perhaps?

This diagnosis has changed my thinking in so many ways. I think deeper and feel deeper than I ever have. I analyze my life and my decisions are informed in many ways on an emotional level much more than previously. There is obviously a good deal of practical thinking in my decision-making processes, but theContinue reading “A sense of urgency perhaps?”

What would I tell my newly diagnosed self…

I am a member of a Parkinson’s Facebook group and find it very helpful hearing from others with this condition. It is a very positive group and they have themes on it like ‘Talent Tuesday’ where you are encouraged to share a skill or talent you have. Other days have other themes, but always youContinue reading “What would I tell my newly diagnosed self…”

I’ve borrowed an idea…

I was reading another person’s Blog the other day and I liked what I read and thought I might borrow the idea she talked about. Check it out yourself on Parkinsonscare at She talked about having a word for the year and her word was ‘adventure’. Finding ways to put some adventure into herContinue reading “I’ve borrowed an idea…”

Farewell 2022 and Welcome to 2023….

For the first time in probably 20 years, I sit here at home on my own on New Year’s Eve. My husband left for work at 9.00pm and won’t be back till the wee small hours, so I won’t see him till next year! It feels strange not to be seeing out the old yearContinue reading “Farewell 2022 and Welcome to 2023….”

My Anniversary of two years since diagnosis… 15/12/22

This year seems to have flown by and so too has the time from my diagnosis two years ago tomorrow. As I did on my 1st Anniversary I like to stop and take some time to think about how this year has been for me. I have just had a brief look over my postContinue reading “My Anniversary of two years since diagnosis… 15/12/22”

Comparing your journey to others

I am now following two Facebook pages for people with Parkies and those that support them. The most recent one seems to have more comments by people who are struggling. Whether it is the person with the condition or those who support them, so many seem to be finding it tough. Then I read ofContinue reading “Comparing your journey to others”

Being strong…

I was reading a post on a Facebook Page that I am a member of, and a member posted on the topic of ‘being strong’. I have picked a few things from their post. “We often see people say things like how hard it is to “be strong” or about the need to “be strong.”Continue reading “Being strong…”

Don’t wait to gift things ….

This weekend we have had our beautiful three grand-daughters for the night on Friday night so their parents could go out to a Xmas do. Recently, we have usually had them stay with us for two nights, but the big girls (13) were going to ‘Armageddon’ a sort of Comic-con event. It is popular withContinue reading “Don’t wait to gift things ….”