Please don’t disable me before my time….

I was having lunch the other day with some of my colleagues and I was talking about how my husband caught me climbing on a ladder in the garden. I had looked up while putting some netting on my cherry tree, when I saw him looking through the window in our bedroom. When I wentContinue reading “Please don’t disable me before my time….”

Being alone doesn’t have to = being lonely

Over the years with my husband I have learned that at times he needs to do his own thing and I do mine. Having lived in a very controlling relationship in my second marriage, this is a refreshing change. Now my husband works shift work there are often weekends where I spend a lot ofContinue reading “Being alone doesn’t have to = being lonely”

Feeling so Parkies all of a sudden.,.

It’s a bright late Spring day after two days of weekend rain. My husband and I went into the city today for a walk around. My dodgy knee has been behaving itself and we have been enjoying the fresh air and getting a bit of exercise.  As we usually do, we parked in the BotanicalContinue reading “Feeling so Parkies all of a sudden.,.”

Life is about learning… Learning for life!

At each age and stage, we learn new things. As we grow through the stages of life we learn as an individual how we do life. When my daughter had her beautiful twin girls – my first grandchildren – just as she had to learn to be a mother, I had to learn how toContinue reading “Life is about learning… Learning for life!”

Games are not just for children…

I grew up in a family of six. Three sons and one daughter – they kept going till they got it right – and of course Mum and Dad. The typical nuclear family of the time. I remember growing up that we had ‘Annuals’ books that had stories in them, but also used to haveContinue reading “Games are not just for children…”

Cognitive Competence

I have always been someone who has loved words. I even have favourite words like ‘penultimate’ and ‘serendipity’. I have always been quite articulate in the use of words and able to express myself. I have worked in radio previously – many years ago – as a co-host on a breakfast show and had toContinue reading “Cognitive Competence”

Sometimes I cry…

Sometimes for no apparent reason I cry. I put a brave face on most of the time and can almost ignore the fact that I have Parkinson’s. I go about my daily business, doing my job, living my life and feeling pretty normal. Then out of the blue, it’s like something snaps me back toContinue reading “Sometimes I cry…”

Is it ‘PD’ or not ‘PD’?

This condition seems to come with a myriad of different symptoms and pain. It feels like every time I turn around something new hurts. I can’t seem to get a break from it and at times it can be quite demoralizing. About a month ago – maybe more – I started getting pain in theContinue reading “Is it ‘PD’ or not ‘PD’?”

A taste of the future…

It seems my run of bad luck with my body continues. Here I am just a few weeks out from recovering from my bike mishap and no longer feeling bruised and able to return to exercise. I’ve started back at the gym and at Aquasize just last Wednesday. Everything was going ‘swimmingly’ – pardon theContinue reading “A taste of the future…”