Exercise and commitment, sometimes it’s all a bit much!

So, I came home from work today and started to look at what exercise options I need to get into. As I have said on many occasions ‘exercise is medicine’. But tonight that medicine feels hard to swallow. The responsibility for giving me the best future for the longest time, feels like it doesn’t belongContinue reading “Exercise and commitment, sometimes it’s all a bit much!”

Exercise increasing…

So, tonight I went to the gym as well as last night, as I have a busy week this week and couldn’t go on my usual nights which will be mainly on a Monday and Thursday. One thing I have learned from this, is that I need a recovery day in between. I didn’t doContinue reading “Exercise increasing…”

My shiny red E-bike

When Parkies entered in my life and knocked upon my door I thought I’d have to stop and that I’d bike no more For I was finding getting home, could sometimes be too tiring Something Parkies did to me by messing up my wiring! So, I bought an e-bike shiny red to take out onContinue reading “My shiny red E-bike”

First day with my new gym programme…

Today was the day I started my new gym programme. I also ‘road tested’ some new tights and a t-shirt I bought especially for the gym. Firstly, the gym programme. The programme is quite comprehensive and is a mixture of cardio, strength and balance exercises. Exercises to help me improve my core strength and fitness.Continue reading “First day with my new gym programme…”

Training for life – Day 2

Firstly, let me say that I am not going to post about every day I have at the gym. That could become tedious for all concerned! But I thought I might post perhaps for the first week or first seven days – not necessarily consecutively – on how I am finding my return to theContinue reading “Training for life – Day 2”

Training for life… Day 1

Yesterday, I met with my new trainer for the first time. We talked about my goals and what I liked to do at the gym and what I needed to do for my Parkinson’s. We have an appointment next week to start going through my programme. However, she said that I could come in toContinue reading “Training for life… Day 1”

Exercise is good for you….but…

I am constantly learning about myself on this journey. I think more deeply about things than I did before in a number of ways. I have written before about ‘Exercise as medicine’ and there are many articles about the benefits of exercise for people with Parkinson’s. Some have been able to reduce their medications orContinue reading “Exercise is good for you….but…”

A pain in the arse…

Parkies is a pain in the arse… quite literally, or maybe not? Now that doesn’t really make sense perhaps, but here’s the deal. For some time now I have had a pain basically in my left buttock that then sends excruciating pain down my left leg. The pain’s favourite time to do this is aroundContinue reading “A pain in the arse…”