Time for a check in…

We have been staying in Goathland a beautiful village in the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. We arrived here on Sunday 4 June and we leave on Sunday 11 June to go visit friends for a few days. Unfortunately, we started our week in the Yorkshire Moors with a car crash. Luckily I was the onlyContinue reading “Time for a check in…”

Newly diagnosed and stages….

I was reading a post on Facebook regarding a woman whose husband had just been diagnosed with PD at age 61. I was interested to read that he was assessed by a Neurologist as being at ‘stage 2’. I wonder what that even means? What value does labelling stages have? Is this helpful I wonder?Continue reading “Newly diagnosed and stages….”

From adversity comes strength…

We have now left my husband’s sister’s farm and have travelled to Goathland in Yorkshire. For anyone who doesn’t know, the village was the setting for a programme called “Heartbeat” We left this morning and we were going well and making good time and looking like getting to Goathland in good time. However, we wereContinue reading “From adversity comes strength…”

Building relationships….

This trip to the UK has been a wonderful experience. We have had special, memorable moments as a couple and with family. Since our last trip, there have been two children born into the family, who we were able to spend time with. Lovely to catch up with others family members too. My husband hasContinue reading “Building relationships….”

I’m feeling very old… (A poem)

I’m feeling very old as I’m puffing up the hillI’ve gone and caught a bug and the cough is with me stillI’m walking with a stick because my right knee’s bungThere’s nothing like a stick to feel no longer youngI’ll still go out for walks, but seem to tire quickMy Parkies’ not to blame it’sContinue reading “I’m feeling very old… (A poem)”

Stress strategy…

We are humming along with our UK holiday and all is going well. Apart that is, from my having a really annoying cough that doesn’t want to go away. It’s not unusual for me to have some sort of lurgy, so I am just working my way through my stock of Paracetamol, cough mixture andContinue reading “Stress strategy…”

Someone asked me about my Parkinson’s today

After several weeks of our holiday, we have had a balance of time with family and time on our own. Currently we are staying at my sister-in-law’s farm and having a family weekend. It has been six years since we have all been together and two children have been born into the family since weContinue reading “Someone asked me about my Parkinson’s today”

On the train again…

Farewell to the Scottish Highlands as we sit on the train to Glasgow from Fort William. From there we catch a train to Edinburgh and another change or two before we get back to the farm in Leicester. The weather in Scotland the last few days has been amazing, blue skies with not a cloudContinue reading “On the train again…”