Parkies …. it’s no joke!

I was reading a post on a Parkinson’s Facebook page I belong to. It was on the subject of people making jokes about Parkinson’s. They said, “Recently Wendy asked a question about how to handle a thoughtless comment making fun of someone with PD in her presence when she has been recently diagnosed.” Sometimes itContinue reading “Parkies …. it’s no joke!”

Medications and sickness

The last few days have been difficult ones as I unfortunately managed to get some kind of stomach bug. I have had three days of changing symptoms, all of which seemed like classic COVID symptoms. However, I have tested myself 3 x and have been clear. So the first day, I just felt really rottenContinue reading “Medications and sickness”

Being honest and not always positive!

I read today another PD person’s Blog about feeling less than positive and her symptoms getting on top of her for the last few days or so. She is usually a very positive person, but she is having a bad run of it at present and she was apologising for writing a less than positiveContinue reading “Being honest and not always positive!”

Just because life is not all about Parkinson’s

A poem I wrote over 20 years ago after meeting my wonderful husband online. I always say he is the best internet shopping bargain I’ve ever had. A wee bit of Friday Fun! Ode to Shopping for Shoes and finding a mate Been sitting here thinking and considered with care And now here’s my thoughtsContinue reading “Just because life is not all about Parkinson’s”

Please don’t disable me before my time….

I was having lunch the other day with some of my colleagues and I was talking about how my husband caught me climbing on a ladder in the garden. I had looked up while putting some netting on my cherry tree, when I saw him looking through the window in our bedroom. When I wentContinue reading “Please don’t disable me before my time….”

If you care, will you go into care?

I was reading a post by someone on a Facebook Page for people with Parkinson’s and their carers tonight. It was posted by the daughter of someone who has Parkinson’s and whose husband has become her carer. Both parents are in their 80’s. Doctors have recommended that the Mother with Parkinson’s needs to go intoContinue reading “If you care, will you go into care?”