Stress has a ceiling…

Life is stressful. Life with Parkies is stressful. Some stress is unavoidable and part of everyone’s daily life. I find myself with a number of significant stressors in my life at present and I have discovered something about myself recently. That discovery is that I have a finite reserve for dealing with stress. I haveContinue reading “Stress has a ceiling…”

Stress and It’s just ‘stuff’ after all…

So, in previous blogs I talked about the plan to sell our large, two-storey home and downsize to a single storey home. Well, Auction day came and in the morning our beautiful home went under the hammer. Long story short, we sold our home to a lovely couple – the wife being a nurse fromContinue reading “Stress and It’s just ‘stuff’ after all…”

Every day I’m learning

As I move along the road which is my journey with Parkies, I find that I am constantly learning. Not only learning about Parkies itself, but about myself as a person. My priorities are changing and I am becoming more family focussed and wanting to spend time with those I love. This weekend we hadContinue reading “Every day I’m learning”

Why are doctors reluctant to refer?

I met with someone recently who I know and who I was unaware has also recently been diagnosed with Parkies. They are in the early stages – just six weeks ago – and very much going through the ‘Grief and Shock’ stage. Their story struck a chord for me for many reasons. I remember theContinue reading “Why are doctors reluctant to refer?”

I don’t have time for Parkies right now!

I have been a bit absent from my Blog for the last couple of weeks. Maybe that’s a good thing? A good thing because maybe I am letting go of my focus on Parkies and what it means for my life. Maybe, just maybe, I am finding a space slowly that puts Parkies in theContinue reading “I don’t have time for Parkies right now!”

Decision made – the three of us are moving (my husband, Parkies and I)

So this is it. Big decision made. Contract signed to sell our beautiful, beloved home. This is a decision not lightly made by either of us (with Parkies looking over my shoulder). It is a hard decision, but we are agreed the right one. The ‘sensible’ one. The ‘adult’ one. We are planning for theContinue reading “Decision made – the three of us are moving (my husband, Parkies and I)”

These legs were made for walking

I have been thinking about how much we take walking for granted and balance too for that matter. The weekend for me starts on a Friday and I have a Parkies exercise class that is now part of my life. One exercise involves a wide side step with wide arms and back to the centre.Continue reading “These legs were made for walking”

I wish I could live more in the moment..

Yesterday I met for the first time another person affected by Parkinson’s, who has been diagnosed longer than I have. She seemed so together and – while she acknowledged her challenges in life – talked about living in the moment and not worrying about what will happen in the future so much. I wish IContinue reading “I wish I could live more in the moment..”

‘Adulting’ is hard…

I am very much trying to face this thing I call ‘Parkies’ head on. Being proactive, rather than reactive as much as I can. There are decisions I could easily defer for a while, but not knowing what ‘a while’ looks like can at times be difficult. So, one of the decisions I have beenContinue reading “‘Adulting’ is hard…”