Mum and Dad…

Writing my Blog tonight and then sitting in my spa pool listening to music with a glass of red wine. Trying to de-stress and lift my low mood. Then I got to thinking about my Mum and Dad, who both also had Parkinson’s. I have encouraged my children to read my Blog, so that theyContinue reading “Mum and Dad…”

It’s not all about me…

Strange to say, but ‘It’s not all about me’ this Blog is a part of the story of my life in my journey with Parkinson’s, but it is also about my family. With the weekend coming up, I had made plans to have my three grand-daughters to stay for the weekend. They are 13 yearContinue reading “It’s not all about me…”

Acts of Service…

I came across this on another Blogger’s site. It reminds me of something my husband and I learned years ago from a Counsellor. It is a thing called ‘Acts of Service’. Acts of service, or perhaps my interpretation of it, is saying ‘I love you’ without saying it in words. While it is still lovelyContinue reading “Acts of Service…”

Understanding can be fleeting or non-existent…

I am on a Facebook page called Australia and NZ Parkinson’s Support and Chat group. It is a valuable resource for people with Parkinson’s and their carers/supporters/whanau. I saw this today and thought it would be a good thing for someone to make for those of us in New Zealand. It got me thinking though.Continue reading “Understanding can be fleeting or non-existent…”

My Story… Our Story

Today, I was telling someone about my story. My journey with Parkinson’s. It is something of a challenge to talk about some of the early days with this condition and how I felt back then. At times the emotion of it all crept into my voice, but that is the reality of this condition. ItContinue reading “My Story… Our Story”

I’m doing well

I had an appointment with the Parkinson’s/Neurological Nurse this week. She works closely with my Neurologist and I had had a change of medication recently and he asked her to check how things are going. It was a very positive appointment and she talked through if I had noticed any improvement or had any issuesContinue reading “I’m doing well”

Looking after people I love

I have spoken before about a thing called ‘Acts of Service’ that a Counsellor once described to me. It is about saying ‘I love you’ with actions rather than words. I like to look after people that I love. My husband, my children, my grandchildren. It is my ‘I love you’ in physical form. MyContinue reading “Looking after people I love”

Last night I cried… after writing my last post

I wrote in my last post about how sometimes I try to wish away this thing I call ‘Parkies’. Wishing it weren’t my reality. My husband read my post and reassured me that I am doing well and that he sees me coping with the diagnosis and mostly just getting on with life. However, buriedContinue reading “Last night I cried… after writing my last post”

Knowing (and accepting) when you need help!

I have always prided myself on my independence and have been loathe to accept help unless I really need it. In this latest chapter of my life journey, now more than ever I need to be more open to accepting help. As mentioned in my last post, I had a fall on 30/12 and injuredContinue reading “Knowing (and accepting) when you need help!”

Say ‘I love you’ while you can

As I have said before, there is nothing like a significant diagnosis to focus the mind and change your perspective. Many times I have been to funerals and heard people speak about how much they loved and admired the person who has passed. How often I have wondered if that person had known in theirContinue reading “Say ‘I love you’ while you can”