Parkinson’s is a Disease….?

What is a ‘Disease’ by definition? I have tried Dr Google and one response is as follows: ‘Any abnormal condition of the body or part of it, arising from any cause‘. However, to me to label Parkinson’s as a ‘Disease’ infers to me different meanings. I have always thought of something or someone as diseasedContinue reading “Parkinson’s is a Disease….?”

Happy Anniversary to me… what I have learned in a year!

So, today is my Anniversary. The Anniversary of that visit to my Neurologist where he uttered the fateful words, ‘I have to tell you, you have Parkinson’s’. What a lot has happened in the intervening 12 months! My thoughts on living for 12 months with this diagnosis: Initial reaction – devastation. Feelings of hopelessness andContinue reading “Happy Anniversary to me… what I have learned in a year!”