Cognitive Competence

I have always been someone who has loved words. I even have favourite words like ‘penultimate’ and ‘serendipity’. I have always been quite articulate in the use of words and able to express myself. I have worked in radio previously – many years ago – as a co-host on a breakfast show and had toContinue reading “Cognitive Competence”

My shiny red E-bike

When Parkies entered in my life and knocked upon my door I thought I’d have to stop and that I’d bike no more For I was finding getting home, could sometimes be too tiring Something Parkies did to me by messing up my wiring! So, I bought an e-bike shiny red to take out onContinue reading “My shiny red E-bike”

Poetry to order?

Those of you that follow my Blog will have noticed I have posted some of my poetry recently. My husband – and biggest fan – has often said that I should publish a book of my poetry. So, one day after one of these conversations recently, I contacted a publisher to enquire how to goContinue reading “Poetry to order?”

This thing I call ‘Parkies’

‘This thing I call Parkies’, it’s a phrase I’ve been using Perhaps my attempt to make it amusing ‘This thing I call Parkies’ an innocent phrase Perhaps I should describe it in different ways ‘This thing I call Parkies’ has entered my Chat Perhaps you should stop now, says my cousin Kat! ‘This thing IContinue reading “This thing I call ‘Parkies’”

Ode to shopping for shoes and finding a mate…

Been sitting here thinking and considered with care And now here’s my thoughts that I’d like to share When looking for boots or shoes for our feet We try several pairs on before hitting the street For though some are pretty and some downright stunning You don’t buy high heels and use ‘em for runningContinue reading “Ode to shopping for shoes and finding a mate…”

To My Darling Grandchildren

A poem written for inside the cover of “Bedtime Stories – Keepsake Collection” for the twins before they were born (and obviously didn’t have names!) – Clio and Jasmine You haven’t been born yet        Don’t know who you’ll be Who’ll ask for a story        And climb on a knee I know you’ll haveContinue reading “To My Darling Grandchildren”