Not so cruisey cruising

We are coming to the end of a six day cruise in a narrow boat on the Lancaster canal. It has been a wonderful experience and one we will never forget. As I have been battling a knee injury for months I wasn’t sure how I would go. I was a bit nervous to beContinue reading “Not so cruisey cruising”

What is Parkies to me?

A Poem…. What is Parkies to me, well it is a gift I look at my life and my spirit will lift I live with more depth, much less on the surface It’s given me now a life full of purpose It makes time more precious I spend on this earth It gives me moreContinue reading “What is Parkies to me?”

Parkies promotes poetry…

I was reading a post on the Parkies FB page that I follow and to my surprise the following statement was made: “It is a well known fact that Parkinson’s brings out the creativity in PWP’s. It is one of the few gifts that we get from this unwelcome guest. For those who haven’t triedContinue reading “Parkies promotes poetry…”

Be proud of yourself

Flicking through Facebook Reels and I found this clip. This kid is amazing and I totally agree with what he says. This spoke to me and I wanted to share it with you all. All too often in this journey we might be tempted to focus on the things that are too hard. The thingsContinue reading “Be proud of yourself”

Parkies, Positivity and Purpose…

I was out with my husband today having a coffee in a local cafe. We were talking about a new project that I am working on. He turned to me and said, ‘You know, since you’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s you seem to have more positivity and purpose in life.’ I had to agree heContinue reading “Parkies, Positivity and Purpose…”

I am a more emotional being since Parkies!

I think I have always been a reasonably emotional person but have noticed very much that since Parkies has come into my life, that I am definitely more so. Not that I wasn’t a caring person before, but I think that things matter so much more for me now. I have been a more prolificContinue reading “I am a more emotional being since Parkies!”

Facing the future….

I’m not ready yet! As any of you will know that have read my Blog along the way, I very much try to live in the moment and not think too far ahead. Not an easy thing to do when you are a ‘planner’ like me. In many ways though, I am planning in theContinue reading “Facing the future….”

A life with purpose… what will I be remembered for?

I think I have always been someone who, from an early age wanted to help and support people. I have had a lots of ups and downs in life, both in relationships and with my health. I have had depression, I’ve recovered and I’ve headed towards depression again in this life. I am happy toContinue reading “A life with purpose… what will I be remembered for?”

We are the experts! Parkies People

In my last post, I talked about the value of being with others who have similar experience that we can connect to. I also spoke about a conference my husband and I attended in Rotorua a couple of years ago. It was shortly after I was diagnosed and while I had some hesitation about going,Continue reading “We are the experts! Parkies People”

I’ve recovered my equilibrium… (big word for a Sunday!)

Well, the last post I did I was a bit of a Negative Nelly. Sorry to all you Nellies out there! Or rather a Sad Sack Sue! Sometimes it just takes having a bit of an offload to actually start to feel a bit better about life. Sure, Parkies is not the hand I wouldContinue reading “I’ve recovered my equilibrium… (big word for a Sunday!)”