A sense of urgency perhaps?

This diagnosis has changed my thinking in so many ways. I think deeper and feel deeper than I ever have. I analyze my life and my decisions are informed in many ways on an emotional level much more than previously. There is obviously a good deal of practical thinking in my decision-making processes, but theContinue reading “A sense of urgency perhaps?”

Sing like no-one is listening…

Last night I was in my kitchen cooking and my husband was in the lounge watching television. I love to cook and also listening to music while I cook. Usually something upbeat that I can sing along to. I love to sing along to songs I know – sometimes I may not absolutely know allContinue reading “Sing like no-one is listening…”

What would I tell my newly diagnosed self…

I am a member of a Parkinson’s Facebook group and find it very helpful hearing from others with this condition. It is a very positive group and they have themes on it like ‘Talent Tuesday’ where you are encouraged to share a skill or talent you have. Other days have other themes, but always youContinue reading “What would I tell my newly diagnosed self…”

I’ve borrowed an idea…

I was reading another person’s Blog the other day and I liked what I read and thought I might borrow the idea she talked about. Check it out yourself on Parkinsonscare at https://parkinsonscaregivernet.wordpress.com/ She talked about having a word for the year and her word was ‘adventure’. Finding ways to put some adventure into herContinue reading “I’ve borrowed an idea…”

Another year draws to a close…

Here it is the 18th of December 2022 as another year draws to a close. I have to say that this past year has been a good one. On the 21st of December last year we moved into our new home, into a single storey home that is much more sensible for someone navigating theirContinue reading “Another year draws to a close…”

My Anniversary of two years since diagnosis… 15/12/22

This year seems to have flown by and so too has the time from my diagnosis two years ago tomorrow. As I did on my 1st Anniversary I like to stop and take some time to think about how this year has been for me. I have just had a brief look over my postContinue reading “My Anniversary of two years since diagnosis… 15/12/22”

Being strong…

I was reading a post on a Facebook Page that I am a member of, and a member posted on the topic of ‘being strong’. I have picked a few things from their post. “We often see people say things like how hard it is to “be strong” or about the need to “be strong.”Continue reading “Being strong…”

What makes a good marriage and what is romance?

Looking at Facebook today, I saw a post that said simply ‘What makes a good marriage?’ and encouraged people to comment. As we get older and have more experience with relationships and with marriage, we can change our thinking on these things. Having been married a total of three times, I think I have learnedContinue reading “What makes a good marriage and what is romance?”

Being alone doesn’t have to = being lonely

Over the years with my husband I have learned that at times he needs to do his own thing and I do mine. Having lived in a very controlling relationship in my second marriage, this is a refreshing change. Now my husband works shift work there are often weekends where I spend a lot ofContinue reading “Being alone doesn’t have to = being lonely”