Cognitive Competence

I have always been someone who has loved words. I even have favourite words like ‘penultimate’ and ‘serendipity’. I have always been quite articulate in the use of words and able to express myself. I have worked in radio previously – many years ago – as a co-host on a breakfast show and had toContinue reading “Cognitive Competence”

Mum and Dad…

Writing my Blog tonight and then sitting in my spa pool listening to music with a glass of red wine. Trying to de-stress and lift my low mood. Then I got to thinking about my Mum and Dad, who both also had Parkinson’s. I have encouraged my children to read my Blog, so that theyContinue reading “Mum and Dad…”


In my work over the years, I have worked with many people in challenging circumstances. They have had sudden devastating illnesses such as strokes and brain tumors, dementia and a vast array of other conditions. I have worked with them and their families and done my best to support them as they either progress –Continue reading “Inspirational”

Peer Support…

Who are our peers? Tonight, for the first time in a long time, I attended a Peer Support group run by our local MS & Parkinson’s Society. I had enquired about the group after I received an email notice that it was coming up. Previously, I had attended a group for people who were inContinue reading “Peer Support…”

It’s not all about me…

Strange to say, but ‘It’s not all about me’ this Blog is a part of the story of my life in my journey with Parkinson’s, but it is also about my family. With the weekend coming up, I had made plans to have my three grand-daughters to stay for the weekend. They are 13 yearContinue reading “It’s not all about me…”

Learning to go easy on myself and knowing when to ask for help….

I feel I am ‘nesting’ a bit at the moment. Trying to do as much as I can around the house and yard to make it how we want it. To create a haven here in our new home. I have been water blasting and painting most of the weekend. The painting I have beenContinue reading “Learning to go easy on myself and knowing when to ask for help….”

Doing my bit…

It has been a different kind of weekend so far this weekend. After not being able to do much recently due to a knee injury, I feel finally I am on the mend. I really miss being active when I have had to rest up, but this weekend I’ve felt much better and able toContinue reading “Doing my bit…”

Is it OK to be a bit selfish sometimes??

This journey I am on with Parkinson’s has many twists and turns and challenges. It has made me appreciate life more in many ways. As I have said in other posts previously, my family has become more important to me and spending time with them is high on my list of priorities. However, there areContinue reading “Is it OK to be a bit selfish sometimes??”

One (Aqua)size fits all?

Tonight was my night to go to my Aquasize class. I have been going now for about a month and there are things that I still struggle to do. Tonight, I felt that there were quite a few things that the instructor was telling us to do that I either (a) didn’t quite understand whatContinue reading “One (Aqua)size fits all?”

Getting back into life…

It’s been about two weeks now since I had the misfortune of throwing myself onto the ground from my racey red e-bike. It is certainly not something I ever wish to do again! I have given myself some time for the bruising to heal and so have not gone to the gym, gone to AquarobicsContinue reading “Getting back into life…”