Don’t treat me different

If there is one thing I would say is important to me is how people see me and how they treat me. We are in Australia at the moment visiting my oldest brother and my sister in law and her family. We have always got on well and part of that is giving each otherContinue reading “Don’t treat me different”

Pity Party over….

I am pleased to report that I am in a much better frame of mind tonight. I have been to the gym and had a good workout and managed to do my whole programme with not too much trouble. I think last night I was just over tired and this impacted my mood. That said,Continue reading “Pity Party over….”

Roles in a relationship

It occurs to me, that over time when you are in a good relationship that many things occur. You find that you balance each other out. What one is good at the other might not be and so you fill those gaps for each other. You slip into defined roles and those roles can becomeContinue reading “Roles in a relationship”