Feeling vulnerable and getting help…..

So, here I am two weeks following an operation on my shoulder. I had a torn tendon on my Parkies affected side and – already having some issues due to my Parkinson’s – the decision was made to have the operation. So, subsequently my left arm is in an immobilizing brace and I am veryContinue reading “Feeling vulnerable and getting help…..”

Is this a dream? Or is it reality?

It may seem strange, but sometimes this whole Parkies thing has an unreal quality about it. I go about my daily life – and probably due to medications – I feel, for want of a better word ‘normal’. I can still walk really well and with my daily exercise routine my arm swing is prettyContinue reading “Is this a dream? Or is it reality?”

To Blog or not to Blog that is the question…

Why do I Blog? What inspired me to take the step to put my thoughts and feelings down for others to see? I know that feelings are complicated things. Sometimes talking about how we feel to an actual person can be difficult. We feel exposed, we risk judgement, we lay ourselves bare to others’ opinions.Continue reading “To Blog or not to Blog that is the question…”

Being judged and ‘Disabled’ by others

For the first time since this diagnosis I felt that someone judged and defined me by my ‘condition’. I returned to work after three weeks off – I am an essential worker in a hospital – and there was an HR requirement that I fill in an online questionnaire about my physical health. This isContinue reading “Being judged and ‘Disabled’ by others”

Being grateful when it feels like there is nothing to be grateful for!

Phew! That’s my longest heading yet! As I write this, we in New Zealand are in ‘Level 4’ lockdown. The lockdown we experience in NZ may be one of the toughest – if not the toughest – in the world! Unless you are an essential worker – which both of us are – you areContinue reading “Being grateful when it feels like there is nothing to be grateful for!”

When the chips are down

I am fortunate to have an incredibly supportive husband and have mentioned this before. At the moment things have become incredibly stressful and once more he has shown me amazing support. As I sit and reflect on our lives at present, we are dealing with a higher than average level of stress and yet hisContinue reading “When the chips are down”

My first Parkies Conference

This weekend I attended my first Parkinson’s Conference in Rotorua. The UPBEAT Conference for people Under 65 years and their partners/support people. It was, just as the name suggests, an upbeat and positive experience meeting with people who are also on this journey and learning about their challenges and how they continue to live theirContinue reading “My first Parkies Conference”