A better person… trying to find balance in life

I had lunch this week with my daughter, my youngest child and mother of my three grand-daughters. We started to talk about my Parkinson’s and how I was doing and generally how it has affected me. Life is busy. I work four days a week in a busy and stressful job. I have a husbandContinue reading “A better person… trying to find balance in life”

Being me… being you

This week my two oldest grand-children turn 13. If you haven’t guessed from the opening sentence, they are twins. They may be twins, but they are very much individuals. One of them goes with the flow, enjoys attention and seems quite relaxed about life, the other has never enjoyed being the focus of attention, ‘Oh,Continue reading “Being me… being you”

Flying in the face of convention…

Today I wore odd earrings. I didn’t mean to, but I noticed half way through the day that I had put on two totally different earrings. I know years ago I seemed to lose one of a pair of earrings and decided that rather than not wearing the remaining earrings I would mix and matchContinue reading “Flying in the face of convention…”

This may sound bad, but…

This may sound bad, but… I was thinking today about my family. Particularly, my adult children and my grandchildren. I have two remaining children – my eldest son passed away unexpectedly in 2020 – and six grandchildren, a ‘set’ of three girls in one family and three boys in the other. It occurred to meContinue reading “This may sound bad, but…”

I’m doing well

I had an appointment with the Parkinson’s/Neurological Nurse this week. She works closely with my Neurologist and I had had a change of medication recently and he asked her to check how things are going. It was a very positive appointment and she talked through if I had noticed any improvement or had any issuesContinue reading “I’m doing well”

Trying not to focus on ‘the end game’

I saw this posted on a Facebook page this morning for people with Parkinson’s and those that support them. It felt raw and very sad for that person to post this note to his or her Parkinson’s community. As someone also with the diagnosis, I absolutely get what they are saying. How could I not?Continue reading “Trying not to focus on ‘the end game’”

Roles in a relationship

It occurs to me, that over time when you are in a good relationship that many things occur. You find that you balance each other out. What one is good at the other might not be and so you fill those gaps for each other. You slip into defined roles and those roles can becomeContinue reading “Roles in a relationship”