Quality time and memories

This weekend was one of the rare weekends when my husband and I have the whole three day weekend together. With him doing shift work, it doesn’t happen that often, so we decided to go into the city and stay the night and go out for dinner. Living a bit further out of town theseContinue reading “Quality time and memories”

Travels and making memories

I was reading another Blogger’s post today about her and her husband’s trip to Hawaii recently. She shares the same attitude that I do, that now is the time to be making trips away and doing activities that may not be possible in the future at some point. Some may say that focussing on aContinue reading “Travels and making memories”

I’ve borrowed an idea…

I was reading another person’s Blog the other day and I liked what I read and thought I might borrow the idea she talked about. Check it out yourself on Parkinsonscare at https://parkinsonscaregivernet.wordpress.com/ She talked about having a word for the year and her word was ‘adventure’. Finding ways to put some adventure into herContinue reading “I’ve borrowed an idea…”

Farewell 2022 and Welcome to 2023….

For the first time in probably 20 years, I sit here at home on my own on New Year’s Eve. My husband left for work at 9.00pm and won’t be back till the wee small hours, so I won’t see him till next year! It feels strange not to be seeing out the old yearContinue reading “Farewell 2022 and Welcome to 2023….”

Medication Management

Ever since going on to medication as soon as I was diagnosed, I feel I have managed things quite well. Sure, there have been the odd occasions where I have forgotten to take my meds in the evening. Or perhaps the lunch time meds get taken at 3.00pm. Or the dinnertime meds have turned intoContinue reading “Medication Management”