Medications and sickness

The last few days have been difficult ones as I unfortunately managed to get some kind of stomach bug. I have had three days of changing symptoms, all of which seemed like classic COVID symptoms. However, I have tested myself 3 x and have been clear. So the first day, I just felt really rottenContinue reading “Medications and sickness”

Managing Medication

It is coming up to nearly two years since I was diagnosed with this condition. On 15 December 2020, I was to hear the words, ‘you have Parkinson’s’. From that moment, I was immediately put on medication. The first of these was Ramipex or Pramipexole then later in the first year – from memory –Continue reading “Managing Medication”

A new weird little something going on….

So, I seem to be a collection of strange things that are happening to my body. I have had shoulder surgery, joint replacements in four of my fingers, a hiatus hernia, Dysphagia – long before Parkies diagnosis – a meniscus injury in my knee and fatty liver. On top of that we have good ‘olContinue reading “A new weird little something going on….”

The Dentist… Damn it!

I have always hated going to the Dentist and find it quite stressful. I hate pain, but I am also not fond of the injection, but of the two would prefer to be numb. Today I went to the Dentist for a check-up and clean. Another thing I hate about being in the dental chairContinue reading “The Dentist… Damn it!”

Things are going well

This week I had my twelve month review – albeit 3 months overdue – and I’m glad I did. In the back of my mind, I think I always wonder if I am doing OK. If I am missing signs of progression and being lulled into a false sense of security. So I had myContinue reading “Things are going well”