A Baker’s cyst…

I have had enough of myself at the moment! My right leg is causing me constant pain and restricting my ability to walk. Just walking around the house is painful and almost beyond me right now, let alone trying to even think of going to the gym. It’s alright for my Physio or Doctor –Continue reading “A Baker’s cyst…”

Just the right thing to say…

I have been going to a Physio for a while for physiotherapy for my knee, which started from a torn meniscus. I had to postpone my appointment recently because I had pneumonia, so we haven’t really seen each other for a while. Anyway, he was asking me a few things about how my knee isContinue reading “Just the right thing to say…”

Is it ‘PD’ or not ‘PD’?

This condition seems to come with a myriad of different symptoms and pain. It feels like every time I turn around something new hurts. I can’t seem to get a break from it and at times it can be quite demoralizing. About a month ago – maybe more – I started getting pain in theContinue reading “Is it ‘PD’ or not ‘PD’?”

Is it OK to be a bit selfish sometimes??

This journey I am on with Parkinson’s has many twists and turns and challenges. It has made me appreciate life more in many ways. As I have said in other posts previously, my family has become more important to me and spending time with them is high on my list of priorities. However, there areContinue reading “Is it OK to be a bit selfish sometimes??”

Doctor and Dental update

Further to my last post about my blood test, I was relieved to get an email from my GP to say they could use the bloods missed by the courier after all. So, I didn’t have to face the trauma of a blood test today. That was certainly welcome news. I still had an appointmentContinue reading “Doctor and Dental update”

A pain in the arse…

Parkies is a pain in the arse… quite literally, or maybe not? Now that doesn’t really make sense perhaps, but here’s the deal. For some time now I have had a pain basically in my left buttock that then sends excruciating pain down my left leg. The pain’s favourite time to do this is aroundContinue reading “A pain in the arse…”

Parkinson’s is a Pain!

So, I’ve discovered a new symptom that I wasn’t fully aware of previously. I awoke this morning about 5.00am with excruciating pain radiating down my left leg. It was something I hadn’t experienced before and I wasn’t sure if it was Parkies or not. As you do, I looked it up online and apparently painContinue reading “Parkinson’s is a Pain!”

I had a fall – don’t blame Parkies!

In the lead up to New Year’s Eve we have been getting our new house organised. We had just moved in on 21/12, so 10 days in and we are still surrounded by boxes in many areas. We were having our three grand-daughters to stay and had purchased a new Queen/King-Single bunk set. My husbandContinue reading “I had a fall – don’t blame Parkies!”