The sickest I’ve been in years…

Here I am at home at the start of another week of feeling very unwell. Since last Wednesday, I have been feeling increasingly unwell. I have had headaches, sore throat, vomitting, constant nausea, chronic cough, little or no sleep, extreme fatique and so weak, I hardly have the energy for anything. I have not leftContinue reading “The sickest I’ve been in years…”

Being honest and not always positive!

I read today another PD person’s Blog about feeling less than positive and her symptoms getting on top of her for the last few days or so. She is usually a very positive person, but she is having a bad run of it at present and she was apologising for writing a less than positiveContinue reading “Being honest and not always positive!”

If you care, will you go into care?

I was reading a post by someone on a Facebook Page for people with Parkinson’s and their carers tonight. It was posted by the daughter of someone who has Parkinson’s and whose husband has become her carer. Both parents are in their 80’s. Doctors have recommended that the Mother with Parkinson’s needs to go intoContinue reading “If you care, will you go into care?”

Comparing your journey to others

I am now following two Facebook pages for people with Parkies and those that support them. The most recent one seems to have more comments by people who are struggling. Whether it is the person with the condition or those who support them, so many seem to be finding it tough. Then I read ofContinue reading “Comparing your journey to others”

Feeling so Parkies all of a sudden.,.

It’s a bright late Spring day after two days of weekend rain. My husband and I went into the city today for a walk around. My dodgy knee has been behaving itself and we have been enjoying the fresh air and getting a bit of exercise.  As we usually do, we parked in the BotanicalContinue reading “Feeling so Parkies all of a sudden.,.”

The problem with doing well… a hidden disability

I have been open from almost the first day of diagnosis about my having Parkinson’s. I have shared it with my family and friends and also my colleagues at work. At first people were very sympathetic and it felt like they understood that I might be more challenged by things than previously. However, just likeContinue reading “The problem with doing well… a hidden disability”

Let’s be kind people…

It doesn’t take much to be kind to others and consider how your actions and words might impact negatively on them. In just over a week, I have had an email from a very disgruntled daughter which basically accused me of being uncaring. This was followed by my trying to help a family member withContinue reading “Let’s be kind people…”


I watched this presentation yesterday by Matthew Croucher. He is such a good presenter and he presented at the Parkinson’s Conference my husband and I went to a few years ago. The previous topic was about Anxiety, which is very much one of the things that go with Parkinson’s. He talked about ‘Coping’ with Parkinson’sContinue reading “Coping”

Teenagers and family ties…

When I was growing up, I was my parent’s youngest child and only daughter. I freely admit that I was a handful in my teenage years. In turn I had a daughter – who I love dearly – but who was an example of ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ ie. we hadContinue reading “Teenagers and family ties…”

Anniversaries are always hard

Today is an anniversary for me and for my family. Two years ago today we lost my son Adam aged just 38 years of age. He had an undiagnosed heart condition and passed in his sleep. It was a huge shock to us all. Today we think of him and the many memories we shareContinue reading “Anniversaries are always hard”