What would I tell my newly diagnosed self…

I am a member of a Parkinson’s Facebook group and find it very helpful hearing from others with this condition. It is a very positive group and they have themes on it like ‘Talent Tuesday’ where you are encouraged to share a skill or talent you have. Other days have other themes, but always youContinue reading “What would I tell my newly diagnosed self…”

A Blog about a Blog…

I started this Blog approximately January 2021. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s by Dr Tim Anderson in Christchurch, New Zealand on 15/12/2020. As most of us would be I felt a number of emotions which were quite overwhelming. I had suspected I think for some time, that I had Parkinson’s and so I was notContinue reading “A Blog about a Blog…”

A pain in the arse…

Parkies is a pain in the arse… quite literally, or maybe not? Now that doesn’t really make sense perhaps, but here’s the deal. For some time now I have had a pain basically in my left buttock that then sends excruciating pain down my left leg. The pain’s favourite time to do this is aroundContinue reading “A pain in the arse…”

Finding – and training – a new GP

For the last at least 10-15 years I have had the same GP and so has my husband. He has seen me through diagnosis of depression (many years ago), arthritis (and operations to replace finger joints for this), a Hiatus Hernia, Esophageal Dysmotility (swallowing issues) and most recently of course, Parkinson’s. Sometimes, rightly or wrongly,Continue reading “Finding – and training – a new GP”

Why are doctors reluctant to refer?

I met with someone recently who I know and who I was unaware has also recently been diagnosed with Parkies. They are in the early stages – just six weeks ago – and very much going through the ‘Grief and Shock’ stage. Their story struck a chord for me for many reasons. I remember theContinue reading “Why are doctors reluctant to refer?”

The journey to diagnosis

First a bit of background about me.  I am the youngest of four children and the only girl of an English Father and Kiwi mother.  As it turned out, both my parents ended up with Parkinson’s in their late 50’s (my Dad) and mid 60’s (my Mum).  As far as I know, no-one else inContinue reading “The journey to diagnosis”