What makes a good marriage and what is romance?

Looking at Facebook today, I saw a post that said simply ‘What makes a good marriage?’ and encouraged people to comment. As we get older and have more experience with relationships and with marriage, we can change our thinking on these things. Having been married a total of three times, I think I have learnedContinue reading “What makes a good marriage and what is romance?”

There’s always someone worse off…

Now there’s a statement! I was reading a post on a new Parkinson’s Facebook page that I have just joined and it struck a chord with me. Both personally and professionally. Here is what they had to say “I’ve heard that no matter what you’re going through, someone has it worse. I don’t like thatContinue reading “There’s always someone worse off…”

“Does it feel unreal sometimes?”

One bonus of the changes that have happened in my life since diagnosis is that I have grown closer to my cousin who also lives in Christchurch. Previously, we lived a reasonable distance away from each other and both living busy lives we caught up when we could. With our decision to move to NorthContinue reading ““Does it feel unreal sometimes?””

Being alone doesn’t have to = being lonely

Over the years with my husband I have learned that at times he needs to do his own thing and I do mine. Having lived in a very controlling relationship in my second marriage, this is a refreshing change. Now my husband works shift work there are often weekends where I spend a lot ofContinue reading “Being alone doesn’t have to = being lonely”

Child’s play

I wrote this for another page I contribute to. I thought I would share. Child’s play. An interesting topic. All too often, I think we think of playing as something ‘childish’ something that us grown-ups shouldn’t do. We are all too busy being an adult and facing the challenges of the world, that we canContinue reading “Child’s play”


I have just finished watching a presentation from Brene Brown, a researcher who gives some amazing talks about various topics which relate well to the work that I do as a Social Worker. Not surprising as she has a strong background in Social Work herself. She talks a lot in the talk about ‘vulnerability’ andContinue reading “Vulnerability”


I thought I had posted this the other day, but it seems the Gremlins have got in and my post somehow disappeared. It went something like this… I was having lunch with my Social Work colleagues at work and somehow the subject of death came up. One of the team used the term ‘Passed Away’Continue reading “Words…”

Life is about learning… Learning for life!

At each age and stage, we learn new things. As we grow through the stages of life we learn as an individual how we do life. When my daughter had her beautiful twin girls – my first grandchildren – just as she had to learn to be a mother, I had to learn how toContinue reading “Life is about learning… Learning for life!”

Let’s be kind people…

It doesn’t take much to be kind to others and consider how your actions and words might impact negatively on them. In just over a week, I have had an email from a very disgruntled daughter which basically accused me of being uncaring. This was followed by my trying to help a family member withContinue reading “Let’s be kind people…”

Mind your language….?

I have always tried in life to get alongside people and not to judge them unnecessarily. I am currently working with someone, who I have described as ‘crusty’ to his son. He is a gruff, sometimes grumpy bloke, who doesn’t pull any punches if he is annoyed. Some on the team find that challenging, butContinue reading “Mind your language….?”