Leaving a legacy…

In many ways, I find that many of my attitudes in life have changed significantly since my diagnosis. It is important to me to be able to create memories and provide my grand-children with experiences that they can learn from and enjoy. I have spoken before about Parkinson’s making me more focussed on spending timeContinue reading “Leaving a legacy…”

Is it OK to be a bit selfish sometimes??

This journey I am on with Parkinson’s has many twists and turns and challenges. It has made me appreciate life more in many ways. As I have said in other posts previously, my family has become more important to me and spending time with them is high on my list of priorities. However, there areContinue reading “Is it OK to be a bit selfish sometimes??”

If only we had a crystal ball…

Life would be so much easier perhaps if we knew what to expect, but none of us has a crystal ball to be able to see what our future holds. Perhaps that is for the best. Today, I had a discussion with someone I have worked with for a few years now and who isContinue reading “If only we had a crystal ball…”

Sharing time with family

Today I spent the day with my three grand-daughters and my cousin out Op Shopping. My daughter is raising her children to be independent thinkers who are not slaves to current fashions, but seek their own style. She told me that they enjoyed Op Shopping, so I thought I would take them out and seeContinue reading “Sharing time with family”

Working hard and creating a legacy for me…

I notice many changes in the way I view life these days. Since Parkies has moved into my life it – and it’s effects – are not far from my thoughts. A Psychologist I work with said recently that my life should not be all about Parkinson’s. But, in a way it shapes my veryContinue reading “Working hard and creating a legacy for me…”