‘Say Cheese’… let them take the photos

I love to take photos. Photos either on my camera, or with the camera on my phone. I take photos of scenery, flowers, my garden and wildlife we come across on our walks. I take photos and videos of my grandchildren when I am with them and looking at the photos later makes me smileContinue reading “‘Say Cheese’… let them take the photos”

Leaving a legacy…

In many ways, I find that many of my attitudes in life have changed significantly since my diagnosis. It is important to me to be able to create memories and provide my grand-children with experiences that they can learn from and enjoy. I have spoken before about Parkinson’s making me more focussed on spending timeContinue reading “Leaving a legacy…”

Milestones and Memories…

So, here it is Monday evening recovering from a busy weekend with my family in Wellington. I say ‘recovering’ because we had such a busy time, I was exhausted at work today. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have a son and a daughter who have blessed me with three grandchildren each.Continue reading “Milestones and Memories…”

If only we had a crystal ball…

Life would be so much easier perhaps if we knew what to expect, but none of us has a crystal ball to be able to see what our future holds. Perhaps that is for the best. Today, I had a discussion with someone I have worked with for a few years now and who isContinue reading “If only we had a crystal ball…”

This may sound bad, but…

This may sound bad, but… I was thinking today about my family. Particularly, my adult children and my grandchildren. I have two remaining children – my eldest son passed away unexpectedly in 2020 – and six grandchildren, a ‘set’ of three girls in one family and three boys in the other. It occurred to meContinue reading “This may sound bad, but…”

Taonga (Treasure)

Today I received a Taonga (treasure) from my lovely husband. A belated birthday gift which I shall treasure. In our New Zealand culture, for Maori the Tangata Whenua of New Zealand, greenstone is revered and given as a symbolic gift. Greenstone is something that should be given as a gift not purchased for yourself. ItContinue reading “Taonga (Treasure)”

It’s the simple things that matter

Yes, it’s the simple things that matter when it comes to life and time spent with family. It’s not about seeing the latest movie or buying them the latest clothes, it’s about time spent with each other. I know from my own childhood I fondly remember spending time with my Nanna when she would flyContinue reading “It’s the simple things that matter”

Making Memories with those I love

Since being diagnosed, I’ve noticed very much that my priorities have changed. Life is still busy, as I work four days a week in a busy stressful job, plus I have been doing my intensive four week exercise programme. However, I am trying to make a conscious effort to spend more time with family. Yesterday,Continue reading “Making Memories with those I love”