Building relationships….

This trip to the UK has been a wonderful experience. We have had special, memorable moments as a couple and with family. Since our last trip, there have been two children born into the family, who we were able to spend time with. Lovely to catch up with others family members too. My husband hasContinue reading “Building relationships….”

On the train again…

Farewell to the Scottish Highlands as we sit on the train to Glasgow from Fort William. From there we catch a train to Edinburgh and another change or two before we get back to the farm in Leicester. The weather in Scotland the last few days has been amazing, blue skies with not a cloudContinue reading “On the train again…”

Thank you dear husband

For arranging this wonderful holiday… I Thank you For your patience when I ask for what may seem like the 100th time ‘what’s next?’.… Thank you. For reminding me to take my pills when I am busy and might forget… Thank you. For making sure I have my walking stick with me…. Thank you ForContinue reading “Thank you dear husband”

Not so cruisey cruising

We are coming to the end of a six day cruise in a narrow boat on the Lancaster canal. It has been a wonderful experience and one we will never forget. As I have been battling a knee injury for months I wasn’t sure how I would go. I was a bit nervous to beContinue reading “Not so cruisey cruising”

Multi-tasking and making memories…

A couple of days into our canal boat holiday and I am reflecting on how things are going. I have taken the risk – or maybe my husband has – of trying my hand at driving the boat from time to time. It is quite challenging in many ways. Using the tiller to steer isContinue reading “Multi-tasking and making memories…”

A Nanna baking day!

Well, today I felt like doing something useful with my time, as I still have a very sore leg if I walk about too much. I decided to do some baking while my husband went for a nice long walk. Lucky bugger! So, this Nanna got out her Nanna’s recipes for shortbread and marshmallow cake.Continue reading “A Nanna baking day!”

One Woman’s treasures….

There is an old saying, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and so it goes for women too! In the weekend we moved some furniture around in our lounge and one of them was a rimu display cabinet in which I have displayed some of the treasures I have gathered over the years. AsContinue reading “One Woman’s treasures….”

Quality time and memories

This weekend was one of the rare weekends when my husband and I have the whole three day weekend together. With him doing shift work, it doesn’t happen that often, so we decided to go into the city and stay the night and go out for dinner. Living a bit further out of town theseContinue reading “Quality time and memories”

‘Say Cheese’… let them take the photos

I love to take photos. Photos either on my camera, or with the camera on my phone. I take photos of scenery, flowers, my garden and wildlife we come across on our walks. I take photos and videos of my grandchildren when I am with them and looking at the photos later makes me smileContinue reading “‘Say Cheese’… let them take the photos”

Leaving a legacy…

In many ways, I find that many of my attitudes in life have changed significantly since my diagnosis. It is important to me to be able to create memories and provide my grand-children with experiences that they can learn from and enjoy. I have spoken before about Parkinson’s making me more focussed on spending timeContinue reading “Leaving a legacy…”