Sing like no-one is listening…

Last night I was in my kitchen cooking and my husband was in the lounge watching television. I love to cook and also listening to music while I cook. Usually something upbeat that I can sing along to. I love to sing along to songs I know – sometimes I may not absolutely know allContinue reading “Sing like no-one is listening…”

Finding joy in the strangest places!

Over the past few days, my husband and I have been working around our section together and tidying up. It may seem strange, but I found that I really enjoyed the physicality of lifting items into my car and loading it to take to the dump and then unloading at the dump. Yes, it doesContinue reading “Finding joy in the strangest places!”

A life described as a ‘Tragedy’ – how dare they!

We all know how Social Media works, through the magic of technology we are often ‘treated’ to videos, Memes and other items based on our interests and what we ‘click’ on. Today, a video popped up on my feed and – you may recognise the gentleman in the photo – an image of Michael JContinue reading “A life described as a ‘Tragedy’ – how dare they!”