Accident vs Medical Event…

It is difficult sometimes to do the work that I do and to see the huge impact that a major health event has on the patients and families I do my best to support. Most of the people who are admitted to the Ward are under 65 years of age. There are a few exceptions,Continue reading “Accident vs Medical Event…”

A life with purpose… what will I be remembered for?

I think I have always been someone who, from an early age wanted to help and support people. I have had a lots of ups and downs in life, both in relationships and with my health. I have had depression, I’ve recovered and I’ve headed towards depression again in this life. I am happy toContinue reading “A life with purpose… what will I be remembered for?”

A Baker’s cyst…

I have had enough of myself at the moment! My right leg is causing me constant pain and restricting my ability to walk. Just walking around the house is painful and almost beyond me right now, let alone trying to even think of going to the gym. It’s alright for my Physio or Doctor –Continue reading “A Baker’s cyst…”

Finding my tribe…

I often say that there is nothing like a shared experience to bring people together. I know when I was a very young first time Mum – at age 20 – that getting together with other Mums and sharing our experiences and things that worked for us, was really useful. You knew that others wereContinue reading “Finding my tribe…”

I’ve recovered my equilibrium… (big word for a Sunday!)

Well, the last post I did I was a bit of a Negative Nelly. Sorry to all you Nellies out there! Or rather a Sad Sack Sue! Sometimes it just takes having a bit of an offload to actually start to feel a bit better about life. Sure, Parkies is not the hand I wouldContinue reading “I’ve recovered my equilibrium… (big word for a Sunday!)”

Parkies makes me a better person and a better Social Worker!

During a discussion group this week, I was using my diagnosis as an example of something that I need to be mindful of in my work. I was asked, ‘Do you find it difficult working with people with similar conditions? Or is it helpful?’ I didn’t have to think about it too long at allContinue reading “Parkies makes me a better person and a better Social Worker!”

‘Shouldisms’ and Self-care

The use of language is a powerful thing. The words we use can create negative or positive thoughts and feelings. I have always hated the word ‘should’, to me it is heavily value laden with the expectations of others. We then take on board and often beat ourselves up for not achieving what they andContinue reading “‘Shouldisms’ and Self-care”

If I had a time machine…

Or, If I had a crystal ball…. It’s hard sometimes to find a title for my posts. Often there is a mad jumble of thoughts and emotions when I sit down to write and to make sense of it can be a challenge. I had my grandchildren for the weekend, and we have had aContinue reading “If I had a time machine…”

Just the right thing to say…

I have been going to a Physio for a while for physiotherapy for my knee, which started from a torn meniscus. I had to postpone my appointment recently because I had pneumonia, so we haven’t really seen each other for a while. Anyway, he was asking me a few things about how my knee isContinue reading “Just the right thing to say…”

Travels and making memories

I was reading another Blogger’s post today about her and her husband’s trip to Hawaii recently. She shares the same attitude that I do, that now is the time to be making trips away and doing activities that may not be possible in the future at some point. Some may say that focussing on aContinue reading “Travels and making memories”