Feel the fear and do it anyway..

This is a saying I heard many years ago and something I try to live by in many ways. As an example, I had a friend who learned to sky dive when I was about 16 years of age. As someone who has always had a fear of heights the thought of it was quiteContinue reading “Feel the fear and do it anyway..”

Parkies unmasked…

‘Who am I kidding?’ ‘Is it obvious?’ ‘Can’t hide any more!’ Usually I have little trouble coming up with a title of a Blog post, but today a jumble of thoughts have been in my head most of the day. I work in a Neurological Ward and so – I must remind myself – membersContinue reading “Parkies unmasked…”

Beware the perils of ‘Dr Google’

I am not alone in being guilty of consulting ‘Dr Google’ in the absence of being able to get hold of my GP or their Practice Nurse. However, the trap in this is that it seems to be human nature – or maybe just my nature – to pick out the worst ‘what if’s’ fromContinue reading “Beware the perils of ‘Dr Google’”

A bit of a cycling mishap

So, today I was preparing some food for my youngest grand-daughter’s family birthday get together. I made smoked salmon and birthday meringues – my specialty – and was looking forward to taking them to her and having some family time. Things were not to turn out how I envisaged! I had everything done and decidedContinue reading “A bit of a cycling mishap”

Perfect imperfection…

I have always said that perfection is over-rated. That if we always strive for perfection, we are bound to be disappointed. It always surprises me when my boss describes me as a ‘perfectionist’ for I feel that it is a description that doesn’t sit well for me. I acknowledge I try to do my best,Continue reading “Perfect imperfection…”

How do I ‘do life’ and not focus on Parkinson’s?

I try my best to be positive and to do as many things as I can to give me the best chance of a good life as someone with Parkinson’s. A Psychologist I work with once said to me that I shouldn’t make my life all about Parkinson’s. Easy for her to say, but difficultContinue reading “How do I ‘do life’ and not focus on Parkinson’s?”

Group Fitness – So unlike me!

I have been trying for some time to work out what works for me in the way of exercise. I have started at the local gym and am happy to go there 2-3 days per week, depending on my work, my life and general commitments. At least 2 days should be achievable. Tonight I decidedContinue reading “Group Fitness – So unlike me!”

Milestones and Memories…

So, here it is Monday evening recovering from a busy weekend with my family in Wellington. I say ‘recovering’ because we had such a busy time, I was exhausted at work today. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have a son and a daughter who have blessed me with three grandchildren each.Continue reading “Milestones and Memories…”

Self care vs Finances…

One thing I have always tried to do for myself is to practice good ‘self care’. For me this means having regular small breaks throughout the year, as I work in a very stressful job. I currently work four days a week, Monday to Thursday and so have Fridays off. So, all I usually doContinue reading “Self care vs Finances…”

If only we had a crystal ball…

Life would be so much easier perhaps if we knew what to expect, but none of us has a crystal ball to be able to see what our future holds. Perhaps that is for the best. Today, I had a discussion with someone I have worked with for a few years now and who isContinue reading “If only we had a crystal ball…”