Parkies promotes poetry…

I was reading a post on the Parkies FB page that I follow and to my surprise the following statement was made: “It is a well known fact that Parkinson’s brings out the creativity in PWP’s. It is one of the few gifts that we get from this unwelcome guest. For those who haven’t triedContinue reading “Parkies promotes poetry…”

I am a more emotional being since Parkies!

I think I have always been a reasonably emotional person but have noticed very much that since Parkies has come into my life, that I am definitely more so. Not that I wasn’t a caring person before, but I think that things matter so much more for me now. I have been a more prolificContinue reading “I am a more emotional being since Parkies!”

A life with purpose… what will I be remembered for?

I think I have always been someone who, from an early age wanted to help and support people. I have had a lots of ups and downs in life, both in relationships and with my health. I have had depression, I’ve recovered and I’ve headed towards depression again in this life. I am happy toContinue reading “A life with purpose… what will I be remembered for?”

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

When you look into Parkinson’s on ‘Dr Google’ there are so many ways that this condition can affect us. It is mind boggling how many things can happen. There is pain, there are tremors, mobility and balance issues and of course cognitive effects. Of all the things that come with it, there is one thingContinue reading “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

Parkies bringing out the creativity in me…

I have never thought of myself as being particularly creative. My main creativity, however, would always have been my poetry. I have written poems all my life and enjoy the process of producing something fun. I have tried my hand at mosaics and have a couple of items round the house that I have created.Continue reading “Parkies bringing out the creativity in me…”

Poetry to order?

Those of you that follow my Blog will have noticed I have posted some of my poetry recently. My husband – and biggest fan – has often said that I should publish a book of my poetry. So, one day after one of these conversations recently, I contacted a publisher to enquire how to goContinue reading “Poetry to order?”