Milestones and Memories…

So, here it is Monday evening recovering from a busy weekend with my family in Wellington. I say ‘recovering’ because we had such a busy time, I was exhausted at work today. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have a son and a daughter who have blessed me with three grandchildren each.Continue reading “Milestones and Memories…”

To My Darling Grandchildren

A poem written for inside the cover of “Bedtime Stories – Keepsake Collection” for the twins before they were born (and obviously didn’t have names!) – Clio and Jasmine You haven’t been born yet        Don’t know who you’ll be Who’ll ask for a story        And climb on a knee I know you’ll haveContinue reading “To My Darling Grandchildren”

This may sound bad, but…

This may sound bad, but… I was thinking today about my family. Particularly, my adult children and my grandchildren. I have two remaining children – my eldest son passed away unexpectedly in 2020 – and six grandchildren, a ‘set’ of three girls in one family and three boys in the other. It occurred to meContinue reading “This may sound bad, but…”

It’s the simple things that matter

Yes, it’s the simple things that matter when it comes to life and time spent with family. It’s not about seeing the latest movie or buying them the latest clothes, it’s about time spent with each other. I know from my own childhood I fondly remember spending time with my Nanna when she would flyContinue reading “It’s the simple things that matter”