A sense of urgency perhaps?

This diagnosis has changed my thinking in so many ways. I think deeper and feel deeper than I ever have. I analyze my life and my decisions are informed in many ways on an emotional level much more than previously. There is obviously a good deal of practical thinking in my decision-making processes, but theContinue reading “A sense of urgency perhaps?”

To My Darling Grandchildren

A poem written for inside the cover of “Bedtime Stories – Keepsake Collection” for the twins before they were born (and obviously didn’t have names!) – Clio and Jasmine You haven’t been born yet        Don’t know who you’ll be Who’ll ask for a story        And climb on a knee I know you’ll haveContinue reading “To My Darling Grandchildren”

Is this a dream? Or is it reality?

It may seem strange, but sometimes this whole Parkies thing has an unreal quality about it. I go about my daily life – and probably due to medications – I feel, for want of a better word ‘normal’. I can still walk really well and with my daily exercise routine my arm swing is prettyContinue reading “Is this a dream? Or is it reality?”