Don’t treat me different

If there is one thing I would say is important to me is how people see me and how they treat me. We are in Australia at the moment visiting my oldest brother and my sister in law and her family. We have always got on well and part of that is giving each otherContinue reading “Don’t treat me different”

Parkinson’s is a Disease….?

What is a ‘Disease’ by definition? I have tried Dr Google and one response is as follows: ‘Any abnormal condition of the body or part of it, arising from any cause‘. However, to me to label Parkinson’s as a ‘Disease’ infers to me different meanings. I have always thought of something or someone as diseasedContinue reading “Parkinson’s is a Disease….?”

Being me… being you

This week my two oldest grand-children turn 13. If you haven’t guessed from the opening sentence, they are twins. They may be twins, but they are very much individuals. One of them goes with the flow, enjoys attention and seems quite relaxed about life, the other has never enjoyed being the focus of attention, ‘Oh,Continue reading “Being me… being you”

Is this a dream? Or is it reality?

It may seem strange, but sometimes this whole Parkies thing has an unreal quality about it. I go about my daily life – and probably due to medications – I feel, for want of a better word ‘normal’. I can still walk really well and with my daily exercise routine my arm swing is prettyContinue reading “Is this a dream? Or is it reality?”

What is ‘normal’?

I am a member of a Facebook page for people affected by Parkinson’s. The question was asked today, ‘what is your normal’? It made me think about how I have never liked the use of that term. After all, what is my normal, may be very different from everyone else’s version of normal and whatContinue reading “What is ‘normal’?”