What is Parkies to me?

A Poem…. What is Parkies to me, well it is a gift I look at my life and my spirit will lift I live with more depth, much less on the surface It’s given me now a life full of purpose It makes time more precious I spend on this earth It gives me moreContinue reading “What is Parkies to me?”

Parkies, Positivity and Purpose…

I was out with my husband today having a coffee in a local cafe. We were talking about a new project that I am working on. He turned to me and said, ‘You know, since you’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s you seem to have more positivity and purpose in life.’ I had to agree heContinue reading “Parkies, Positivity and Purpose…”

The gift of poetry

I suppose everyone has some kind of talent within them, even if we don’t always recognise it. My Mum was, I think, a very talented artist and I have quite a few of her paintings on my walls. I’m afraid that particular talent has definitely skipped this generation. At least it definitely seems to haveContinue reading “The gift of poetry”

A Nanna baking day!

Well, today I felt like doing something useful with my time, as I still have a very sore leg if I walk about too much. I decided to do some baking while my husband went for a nice long walk. Lucky bugger! So, this Nanna got out her Nanna’s recipes for shortbread and marshmallow cake.Continue reading “A Nanna baking day!”

This may sound bad, but…

This may sound bad, but… I was thinking today about my family. Particularly, my adult children and my grandchildren. I have two remaining children – my eldest son passed away unexpectedly in 2020 – and six grandchildren, a ‘set’ of three girls in one family and three boys in the other. It occurred to meContinue reading “This may sound bad, but…”

Feeling vulnerable and getting help…..

So, here I am two weeks following an operation on my shoulder. I had a torn tendon on my Parkies affected side and – already having some issues due to my Parkinson’s – the decision was made to have the operation. So, subsequently my left arm is in an immobilizing brace and I am veryContinue reading “Feeling vulnerable and getting help…..”