The Serenity Prayer – a philosophy to live by…

I have been watching a series on Netflix and this prayer has been recited several times. Though brought up a Catholic, I consider myself not a religious person these days. However, this prayer, this philosophy if you will, speaks to me. I do feel at the moment in my life a form of acceptance ofContinue reading “The Serenity Prayer – a philosophy to live by…”

Knowing (and accepting) when you need help!

I have always prided myself on my independence and have been loathe to accept help unless I really need it. In this latest chapter of my life journey, now more than ever I need to be more open to accepting help. As mentioned in my last post, I had a fall on 30/12 and injuredContinue reading “Knowing (and accepting) when you need help!”

Parkies is a part of me

I have spoken before about how open I have been about my diagnosis, since almost the moment I was diagnosed. I find that I refer to it quite often in my interactions with people, in part so they can hopefully understand that I have – or may have – additional needs compared to ‘Non Parkies’Continue reading “Parkies is a part of me”

Feeling vulnerable and getting help…..

So, here I am two weeks following an operation on my shoulder. I had a torn tendon on my Parkies affected side and – already having some issues due to my Parkinson’s – the decision was made to have the operation. So, subsequently my left arm is in an immobilizing brace and I am veryContinue reading “Feeling vulnerable and getting help…..”