Different strokes for different folks…

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that we – the people with the diagnosis – are not the only ones going through this life changing experience. I was talking to my cousin today and we were discussing how alike we are in many ways and what we need from our partners when we areContinue reading “Different strokes for different folks…”

One (Aqua)size fits all?

Tonight was my night to go to my Aquasize class. I have been going now for about a month and there are things that I still struggle to do. Tonight, I felt that there were quite a few things that the instructor was telling us to do that I either (a) didn’t quite understand whatContinue reading “One (Aqua)size fits all?”

Grief and loss…

As anyone will know that reads this Blog, I am a Social Worker working in a Neurological Ward for people under the age of 65 with a brain injury. We have some very young people from time to time and with a diagnosis can come a lot of grief and loss. Many think of griefContinue reading “Grief and loss…”

Beware the perils of ‘Dr Google’

I am not alone in being guilty of consulting ‘Dr Google’ in the absence of being able to get hold of my GP or their Practice Nurse. However, the trap in this is that it seems to be human nature – or maybe just my nature – to pick out the worst ‘what if’s’ fromContinue reading “Beware the perils of ‘Dr Google’”

More than my fair share…

I have said before now that Parkies is not the only health issue that I have. I have arthritis in my hands and beginning in my knees and also in my back. I have had to have four operations to put in artificial finger joints because of my arthritis. I also have a hiatus herniaContinue reading “More than my fair share…”

I feel like a technology twit…

Even putting this photo on this post nearly defeated me! At 61 years of age, I have worked with computers for many years and also had many, many different cellphones. I consider myself – most of the time – quite tech savvy at least for every day stuff. But today, I had cause to doubtContinue reading “I feel like a technology twit…”

A bit of a cycling mishap

So, today I was preparing some food for my youngest grand-daughter’s family birthday get together. I made smoked salmon and birthday meringues – my specialty – and was looking forward to taking them to her and having some family time. Things were not to turn out how I envisaged! I had everything done and decidedContinue reading “A bit of a cycling mishap”

Doctor and Dental update

Further to my last post about my blood test, I was relieved to get an email from my GP to say they could use the bloods missed by the courier after all. So, I didn’t have to face the trauma of a blood test today. That was certainly welcome news. I still had an appointmentContinue reading “Doctor and Dental update”

Exercise and commitment, sometimes it’s all a bit much!

So, I came home from work today and started to look at what exercise options I need to get into. As I have said on many occasions ‘exercise is medicine’. But tonight that medicine feels hard to swallow. The responsibility for giving me the best future for the longest time, feels like it doesn’t belongContinue reading “Exercise and commitment, sometimes it’s all a bit much!”