None of us are promised tomorrow…

Feeling in a reflective mood this evening. I went to work as usual today and asked about a patient that had to go back to the main hospital as he had become unwell. I was then told that the patient had died over the weekend. He was only in his mid 30’s. I was shockedContinue reading “None of us are promised tomorrow…”

My Story… Our Story

Today, I was telling someone about my story. My journey with Parkinson’s. It is something of a challenge to talk about some of the early days with this condition and how I felt back then. At times the emotion of it all crept into my voice, but that is the reality of this condition. ItContinue reading “My Story… Our Story”

Parkinson’s is a Pain!

So, I’ve discovered a new symptom that I wasn’t fully aware of previously. I awoke this morning about 5.00am with excruciating pain radiating down my left leg. It was something I hadn’t experienced before and I wasn’t sure if it was Parkies or not. As you do, I looked it up online and apparently painContinue reading “Parkinson’s is a Pain!”

Last night I cried… after writing my last post

I wrote in my last post about how sometimes I try to wish away this thing I call ‘Parkies’. Wishing it weren’t my reality. My husband read my post and reassured me that I am doing well and that he sees me coping with the diagnosis and mostly just getting on with life. However, buriedContinue reading “Last night I cried… after writing my last post”

Knowing (and accepting) when you need help!

I have always prided myself on my independence and have been loathe to accept help unless I really need it. In this latest chapter of my life journey, now more than ever I need to be more open to accepting help. As mentioned in my last post, I had a fall on 30/12 and injuredContinue reading “Knowing (and accepting) when you need help!”

I asked for help today…

Parkies or no Parkies, I think of myself as a professional woman who is usually confident in the work that I do. I admit that in part my confidence has been a bit rocked, but basically pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis I am still that functional professional woman. I have always had high expectations of myself andContinue reading “I asked for help today…”