Should I wait or lose weight?

For most of my life I have battled with my weight, trying various avenues to reduce my weight, with varying levels of success. Right now I am overweight, no getting around it – my husband says I’m not fat, just ‘chubby’. Any way you look at it, I could do with shedding a few kilos.Continue reading “Should I wait or lose weight?”

Grief, Depression(?) and Big decisions

It has been a challenging time, this last few months. Not only have I recently been diagnosed with Parkies, but lost someone very close and dear to me two months before. So, to me it is natural that I am grieving for the loss of a special person in my life, but also the lossContinue reading “Grief, Depression(?) and Big decisions”

Medication – A lesson learned!

Well, that was a difficult lesson to learn, but maybe I needed to learn it. I suppose with all that I have been doing, I have been lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to my medications. So here’s what happened… I take pramipexole three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.Continue reading “Medication – A lesson learned!”

We don’t hold hands anymore..

We don’t hold hands anymore Parkies has left me bereft We don’t hold hands anymore For I must swing my left We don’t hold hands anymore As we’re walking down the street We don’t hold hands anymore A stroll feels incomplete We don’t hold hands anymore I feel a sense of loss We don’t holdContinue reading “We don’t hold hands anymore..”

Making Memories with those I love

Since being diagnosed, I’ve noticed very much that my priorities have changed. Life is still busy, as I work four days a week in a busy stressful job, plus I have been doing my intensive four week exercise programme. However, I am trying to make a conscious effort to spend more time with family. Yesterday,Continue reading “Making Memories with those I love”

Final week – Progress and Planning

So, this is my last week of a four week block working out with my physiotherapist. He is a hard taskmaster, but I can honestly say, I have been inspired and motivated by our sessions. It has been a challenge committing to getting up each morning early to do my exercises – especially in theContinue reading “Final week – Progress and Planning”

Parkies is taking over my life, so it doesn’t take over my life!

Does that even make sense? Let me explain. I am slowly and surely feeling a little less swallowed up by the grief of my diagnosis. I am getting on with my life, working, socialising and doing many of the things I did before my diagnosis. How am I doing that? By being proactive and focussingContinue reading “Parkies is taking over my life, so it doesn’t take over my life!”