‘Shouldisms’ and Self-care

The use of language is a powerful thing. The words we use can create negative or positive thoughts and feelings. I have always hated the word ‘should’, to me it is heavily value laden with the expectations of others. We then take on board and often beat ourselves up for not achieving what they andContinue reading “‘Shouldisms’ and Self-care”

Is selfcare selfish??

In my work as a Social Worker, I work in an environment that has a lot of responsibility and with that goes a certain amount of unavoidable stress. Because of this, it is important that I practice good self-care. This is something that I have always tried to do, to ensure that I can remainContinue reading “Is selfcare selfish??”

Getting back into life…

It’s been about two weeks now since I had the misfortune of throwing myself onto the ground from my racey red e-bike. It is certainly not something I ever wish to do again! I have given myself some time for the bruising to heal and so have not gone to the gym, gone to AquarobicsContinue reading “Getting back into life…”

Self care vs Finances…

One thing I have always tried to do for myself is to practice good ‘self care’. For me this means having regular small breaks throughout the year, as I work in a very stressful job. I currently work four days a week, Monday to Thursday and so have Fridays off. So, all I usually doContinue reading “Self care vs Finances…”

What this condition has taught me and how it makes me better at what I do…

Wow! That’s a long title… I had a meeting yesterday with my boss and we talked about various aspects of my role as a Social Worker. One of those aspects is that I need to do a certain amount of ‘professional development’ to maintain my professional registration each year. I asked if I could useContinue reading “What this condition has taught me and how it makes me better at what I do…”

Today I feel like ‘a Parkies person’

Being early on in this journey and with medication working effectively, Parkies is not so much in the forefront of my mind these days. I take my medication, I go about my life and pretty much most of the time I can almost ignore the spectre that is this condition. However, at the moment lifeContinue reading “Today I feel like ‘a Parkies person’”