A taste of the future…

It seems my run of bad luck with my body continues. Here I am just a few weeks out from recovering from my bike mishap and no longer feeling bruised and able to return to exercise. I’ve started back at the gym and at Aquasize just last Wednesday. Everything was going ‘swimmingly’ – pardon theContinue reading “A taste of the future…”

Understanding can be fleeting or non-existent…

I am on a Facebook page called Australia and NZ Parkinson’s Support and Chat group. It is a valuable resource for people with Parkinson’s and their carers/supporters/whanau. I saw this today and thought it would be a good thing for someone to make for those of us in New Zealand. It got me thinking though.Continue reading “Understanding can be fleeting or non-existent…”

The Dentist… Damn it!

I have always hated going to the Dentist and find it quite stressful. I hate pain, but I am also not fond of the injection, but of the two would prefer to be numb. Today I went to the Dentist for a check-up and clean. Another thing I hate about being in the dental chairContinue reading “The Dentist… Damn it!”

Beware the perils of ‘Dr Google’

I am not alone in being guilty of consulting ‘Dr Google’ in the absence of being able to get hold of my GP or their Practice Nurse. However, the trap in this is that it seems to be human nature – or maybe just my nature – to pick out the worst ‘what if’s’ fromContinue reading “Beware the perils of ‘Dr Google’”

More than my fair share…

I have said before now that Parkies is not the only health issue that I have. I have arthritis in my hands and beginning in my knees and also in my back. I have had to have four operations to put in artificial finger joints because of my arthritis. I also have a hiatus herniaContinue reading “More than my fair share…”

I feel like a technology twit…

Even putting this photo on this post nearly defeated me! At 61 years of age, I have worked with computers for many years and also had many, many different cellphones. I consider myself – most of the time – quite tech savvy at least for every day stuff. But today, I had cause to doubtContinue reading “I feel like a technology twit…”

Doctor and Dental update

Further to my last post about my blood test, I was relieved to get an email from my GP to say they could use the bloods missed by the courier after all. So, I didn’t have to face the trauma of a blood test today. That was certainly welcome news. I still had an appointmentContinue reading “Doctor and Dental update”

A pain in the arse…

Parkies is a pain in the arse… quite literally, or maybe not? Now that doesn’t really make sense perhaps, but here’s the deal. For some time now I have had a pain basically in my left buttock that then sends excruciating pain down my left leg. The pain’s favourite time to do this is aroundContinue reading “A pain in the arse…”

I’m doing well

I had an appointment with the Parkinson’s/Neurological Nurse this week. She works closely with my Neurologist and I had had a change of medication recently and he asked her to check how things are going. It was a very positive appointment and she talked through if I had noticed any improvement or had any issuesContinue reading “I’m doing well”

Parkinson’s is a Pain!

So, I’ve discovered a new symptom that I wasn’t fully aware of previously. I awoke this morning about 5.00am with excruciating pain radiating down my left leg. It was something I hadn’t experienced before and I wasn’t sure if it was Parkies or not. As you do, I looked it up online and apparently painContinue reading “Parkinson’s is a Pain!”