Games are not just for children…

I grew up in a family of six. Three sons and one daughter – they kept going till they got it right – and of course Mum and Dad. The typical nuclear family of the time. I remember growing up that we had ‘Annuals’ books that had stories in them, but also used to haveContinue reading “Games are not just for children…”

‘Say Cheese’… let them take the photos

I love to take photos. Photos either on my camera, or with the camera on my phone. I take photos of scenery, flowers, my garden and wildlife we come across on our walks. I take photos and videos of my grandchildren when I am with them and looking at the photos later makes me smileContinue reading “‘Say Cheese’… let them take the photos”

Teenagers and family ties…

When I was growing up, I was my parent’s youngest child and only daughter. I freely admit that I was a handful in my teenage years. In turn I had a daughter – who I love dearly – but who was an example of ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ ie. we hadContinue reading “Teenagers and family ties…”

Don’t treat me different

If there is one thing I would say is important to me is how people see me and how they treat me. We are in Australia at the moment visiting my oldest brother and my sister in law and her family. We have always got on well and part of that is giving each otherContinue reading “Don’t treat me different”

Anniversaries are always hard

Today is an anniversary for me and for my family. Two years ago today we lost my son Adam aged just 38 years of age. He had an undiagnosed heart condition and passed in his sleep. It was a huge shock to us all. Today we think of him and the many memories we shareContinue reading “Anniversaries are always hard”

Will you hold my hand?

Not sure if I’ve shared this poem before, but I quite like it so thought I would share today. I shared it on a Parkies Facebook page that I follow that was asking people to share their talent, their arts and crafts. My Mother was a bit of an artist and my home is homeContinue reading “Will you hold my hand?”

Mum and Dad…

Writing my Blog tonight and then sitting in my spa pool listening to music with a glass of red wine. Trying to de-stress and lift my low mood. Then I got to thinking about my Mum and Dad, who both also had Parkinson’s. I have encouraged my children to read my Blog, so that theyContinue reading “Mum and Dad…”

It’s not all about me…

Strange to say, but ‘It’s not all about me’ this Blog is a part of the story of my life in my journey with Parkinson’s, but it is also about my family. With the weekend coming up, I had made plans to have my three grand-daughters to stay for the weekend. They are 13 yearContinue reading “It’s not all about me…”

Doing my bit…

It has been a different kind of weekend so far this weekend. After not being able to do much recently due to a knee injury, I feel finally I am on the mend. I really miss being active when I have had to rest up, but this weekend I’ve felt much better and able toContinue reading “Doing my bit…”