Leaving a legacy…

In many ways, I find that many of my attitudes in life have changed significantly since my diagnosis. It is important to me to be able to create memories and provide my grand-children with experiences that they can learn from and enjoy. I have spoken before about Parkinson’s making me more focussed on spending timeContinue reading “Leaving a legacy…”

Is it OK to be a bit selfish sometimes??

This journey I am on with Parkinson’s has many twists and turns and challenges. It has made me appreciate life more in many ways. As I have said in other posts previously, my family has become more important to me and spending time with them is high on my list of priorities. However, there areContinue reading “Is it OK to be a bit selfish sometimes??”

Acts of Service…

I came across this on another Blogger’s site. It reminds me of something my husband and I learned years ago from a Counsellor. It is a thing called ‘Acts of Service’. Acts of service, or perhaps my interpretation of it, is saying ‘I love you’ without saying it in words. While it is still lovelyContinue reading “Acts of Service…”

Grief and loss…

As anyone will know that reads this Blog, I am a Social Worker working in a Neurological Ward for people under the age of 65 with a brain injury. We have some very young people from time to time and with a diagnosis can come a lot of grief and loss. Many think of griefContinue reading “Grief and loss…”

Getting back into life…

It’s been about two weeks now since I had the misfortune of throwing myself onto the ground from my racey red e-bike. It is certainly not something I ever wish to do again! I have given myself some time for the bruising to heal and so have not gone to the gym, gone to AquarobicsContinue reading “Getting back into life…”

The ‘downstairs bathroom’…

Many years ago I was on placement at our main hospital as a student Social Worker. I was placed in the Orthopaedic Ward for a short time and a very experienced Social Worker taught me a valuable lesson. A young doctor – who looked about 12 – declared that ‘Mrs So and So, has dementia’Continue reading “The ‘downstairs bathroom’…”

‘Partners in Parkinson’s’… and ‘Family Systems Theory’

Tonight I have been looking around at other Blogs about Parkinson’s and amongst them found some Podcasts titled ‘When life gives you Parkinson’s’. I listened to one on the subject of Carers or Caregivers and how the person with Parkinson’s and their wife feel about the label of ‘Carer’. I found myself reflecting on thisContinue reading “‘Partners in Parkinson’s’… and ‘Family Systems Theory’”

A bit of a cycling mishap

So, today I was preparing some food for my youngest grand-daughter’s family birthday get together. I made smoked salmon and birthday meringues – my specialty – and was looking forward to taking them to her and having some family time. Things were not to turn out how I envisaged! I had everything done and decidedContinue reading “A bit of a cycling mishap”

Perfect imperfection…

I have always said that perfection is over-rated. That if we always strive for perfection, we are bound to be disappointed. It always surprises me when my boss describes me as a ‘perfectionist’ for I feel that it is a description that doesn’t sit well for me. I acknowledge I try to do my best,Continue reading “Perfect imperfection…”

How do I ‘do life’ and not focus on Parkinson’s?

I try my best to be positive and to do as many things as I can to give me the best chance of a good life as someone with Parkinson’s. A Psychologist I work with once said to me that I shouldn’t make my life all about Parkinson’s. Easy for her to say, but difficultContinue reading “How do I ‘do life’ and not focus on Parkinson’s?”