Feel the fear and do it anyway..

This is a saying I heard many years ago and something I try to live by in many ways. As an example, I had a friend who learned to sky dive when I was about 16 years of age. As someone who has always had a fear of heights the thought of it was quiteContinue reading “Feel the fear and do it anyway..”

How do I ‘do life’ and not focus on Parkinson’s?

I try my best to be positive and to do as many things as I can to give me the best chance of a good life as someone with Parkinson’s. A Psychologist I work with once said to me that I shouldn’t make my life all about Parkinson’s. Easy for her to say, but difficultContinue reading “How do I ‘do life’ and not focus on Parkinson’s?”

Exercise and commitment, sometimes it’s all a bit much!

So, I came home from work today and started to look at what exercise options I need to get into. As I have said on many occasions ‘exercise is medicine’. But tonight that medicine feels hard to swallow. The responsibility for giving me the best future for the longest time, feels like it doesn’t belongContinue reading “Exercise and commitment, sometimes it’s all a bit much!”

Parkinson’s is a Disease….?

What is a ‘Disease’ by definition? I have tried Dr Google and one response is as follows: ‘Any abnormal condition of the body or part of it, arising from any cause‘. However, to me to label Parkinson’s as a ‘Disease’ infers to me different meanings. I have always thought of something or someone as diseasedContinue reading “Parkinson’s is a Disease….?”

What is ‘normal’?

I am a member of a Facebook page for people affected by Parkinson’s. The question was asked today, ‘what is your normal’? It made me think about how I have never liked the use of that term. After all, what is my normal, may be very different from everyone else’s version of normal and whatContinue reading “What is ‘normal’?”

To tell or not to tell that is the question!

One of the first discussions my husband and I had following my diagnosis, was how soon to tell people, especially at work.  Being a very private person, his take was “you don’t have to rush into telling people”.  I thought about this for a nano-second – yes, I can be very decisive when I wantContinue reading “To tell or not to tell that is the question!”