We are the experts! Parkies People

In my last post, I talked about the value of being with others who have similar experience that we can connect to. I also spoke about a conference my husband and I attended in Rotorua a couple of years ago. It was shortly after I was diagnosed and while I had some hesitation about going,Continue reading “We are the experts! Parkies People”

My first Parkies Conference

This weekend I attended my first Parkinson’s Conference in Rotorua. The UPBEAT Conference for people Under 65 years and their partners/support people. It was, just as the name suggests, an upbeat and positive experience meeting with people who are also on this journey and learning about their challenges and how they continue to live theirContinue reading “My first Parkies Conference”

Seeking support and information

I have always found that when dealing with any difficult situation that ultimately I cannot avoid – or control – I must find ways to control and manage what I can. For me, information is the key. Learning as much as I can so that I can make informed choices and feel some element ofContinue reading “Seeking support and information”