Painting and planting project…

This has been my project over the weekend. With my trusty spray gun, I have finally finished painting my fence. At times the paint would run and at times for some reason the paint came out faster than it should. I had to try to cover up some of the runs in the paint. So,Continue reading “Painting and planting project…”

Learning to go easy on myself and knowing when to ask for help….

I feel I am ‘nesting’ a bit at the moment. Trying to do as much as I can around the house and yard to make it how we want it. To create a haven here in our new home. I have been water blasting and painting most of the weekend. The painting I have beenContinue reading “Learning to go easy on myself and knowing when to ask for help….”

Roles in a relationship

It occurs to me, that over time when you are in a good relationship that many things occur. You find that you balance each other out. What one is good at the other might not be and so you fill those gaps for each other. You slip into defined roles and those roles can becomeContinue reading “Roles in a relationship”