Parkies makes me a better person and a better Social Worker!

During a discussion group this week, I was using my diagnosis as an example of something that I need to be mindful of in my work. I was asked, ‘Do you find it difficult working with people with similar conditions? Or is it helpful?’ I didn’t have to think about it too long at allContinue reading “Parkies makes me a better person and a better Social Worker!”

Rest, Recovery and Re-evaluation

I am currently recovering from a shoulder operation which I had in September. I knew it was going to be quite a lot of recovery, but not really prepared for the fact that seven weeks from the operation, I am still having to work hard on my rehabilitation. I have been having showering assistance forContinue reading “Rest, Recovery and Re-evaluation”

Every day I’m learning

As I move along the road which is my journey with Parkies, I find that I am constantly learning. Not only learning about Parkies itself, but about myself as a person. My priorities are changing and I am becoming more family focussed and wanting to spend time with those I love. This weekend we hadContinue reading “Every day I’m learning”