First day with my new gym programme…

Today was the day I started my new gym programme. I also ‘road tested’ some new tights and a t-shirt I bought especially for the gym.

Firstly, the gym programme.

The programme is quite comprehensive and is a mixture of cardio, strength and balance exercises. Exercises to help me improve my core strength and fitness. Most of the programme is things that I have done before on equipment I have used previously, so that makes things a bit easier. I actually found it quite enjoyable working my body again, but have come home quite knackered. Probably a combo of Parkies and old age/unfit! It is good though to challenge my body and feel that I am doing a good thing for my body. One piece of equipment is a stair climber and I need to aim for 10 floors. It is quite challenging, but I managed 6 floors today, which is pretty good for a first go!

But Wow! Those gym mirrors are unforgiving! From the neck up OK, but my lumpy, bumpy, overweight body was not a pretty sight! However, I tell myself that that is part of the reason I am there in the first place – to get more fit and less fat!

Now for the tights!

Well, my non-roll, expensive, ordered on line tights didn’t live up to what I expected. The challenge though is that I have no waist right now and my own rolls proved too much for even these spectacular tights that I ordered especially. Perhaps I was expecting too much to squeeze myself into a pair of tights that would magically tame the tum and make it behave itself.

Then there’s the t-shirt!

Went to a good outdoor, sporty type store and bought a couple of t-shirts. First wear – remember the roly poly tights? – and after the tights headed down like rolling down a rather Rubinesque hill, in doing so they uncovered my pudgy belly which showed my belly-button off rather well! A treat for other gym goers, I’m sure! Mental note to self ‘put a singlet under t-shirt to hide belly-button’

But all jokes and self-deprecation aside, I am glad I have started on an exercise programme at the gym. In time, I hope that I will be a little less chubby and a whole lot fitter. Exercise is medicine, they say, so I am determined to take my medicine and to stick with it as I do my best to fend off Parkies!

This is Day 1 towards a new me and I hope that new me will be a happier and healthier person all round despite my myriad of health conditions!

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I work in health and have been with the same supportive team for over 7 years. They are all aware of my diagnosis and this helps tremendously especially while I get used to the idea of my diagnosis. My parents both had Parkinsons, so I guess my odds were higher than most.

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