I am so over being in pain…

I wish there was someone I could complain to and get a refund on my body!! Like when you purchase an item from a store and it is faulty. Take that thing back and get your money back!

Right now, I’m feeling my body is not fit for purpose. Legs are for walking on surely? Well, how come my stupid legs are not coming to the party? It’s far too early in my Parkies journey for me to be having trouble walking. The fact that it is nothing to do with my Parkies, might (just) be a bit of a blessing!

It feels a bit unfair sometimes that on top of Parkies, I seem to have a raft of other charming ailments to keep them company. I have a hiatus hernia, I have arthritis, I have GORD (Gastro Reflux Disease), a torn miniscus, a torn hamstring and I’m sure there’s other lovely things going on in my body to keep them all company! Not to mention – though I will – that I have recently had pneumonia!

So, I am not my usual optimistic self today. I am the ‘fed up, had enough, over myself’ me today. I went out for a drive and to get something I wanted from a shop. Usually, I enjoy a bit of retail therapy, but by the time I limped to the store, tried on some stuff and visited one other store, I could hardly walk.

Granted I have cleared out and cleaned my greenhouse, so I have achieved something, but now my husband has gone to work, I’m on my own, bored and not able to do much!

Every time I think it is time to go back to the gym, some new malady or injury seems to get in my way. It’s all very well to be told ‘Exercise is good for Parkinson’s. In fact it’s essential’ when your body, quite separate from Parkies is crapping out left right and centre!

So here I am, sitting at my computer and having a vent!

We all need to sometimes…

Today it’s my turn!

Published by kiwipommysue

I work in health and have been with the same supportive team for over 7 years. They are all aware of my diagnosis and this helps tremendously especially while I get used to the idea of my diagnosis. My parents both had Parkinsons, so I guess my odds were higher than most.

9 thoughts on “I am so over being in pain…

  1. How frustrating!
    Vent all you like. Across the world, know that there are people who are nodding and silently commiserating.

    I wish there was something practical that I could do to help, besides just letting you know that we understand what you’re saying and feel for you. My husband’s aunt used to say “Old age is not for sissies!” but you’re not even old yet.

    Maybe focus on your lovely trip to the UK and daydream about that. Mmmm, toasted teacakes in a lovely cafe by the sea…..

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    1. Hi. Thank you. One thing I have always said about my Blog is that I am not just going to post when things are going well, but also be honest when I am fed up with myself or things are just not going right. Just hearing you say that you would like to help is enough. I appreciate you reaching out to me. I just hope my stupid leg sorts itself out before the UK trip, or it could be more than a bit challenging! Thanks again. I need encouragement and care just as much as those of you out there who are reading my Blog. We’re in this together and I hope none of us ever feel really sad and alone.


      1. Perhaps even an afternoon tea at Betty’s or a fresh, warm, sugar sprinkled Eccles cake from the bakery? 😁🤤


      2. No, I am Australian but my DNA is 75% British and Irish and the rest Scandinavian. 😁
        We have travelled a bit in the UK over the years, from Shetland down to Ramsgate. Mostly doing home exchanges. Sadly, I’ve never been able to replicate a good toasted teacake in Australia. The closest is something like raisin toast here. We used to go to a cafe in Sandwich and have toasted teacakes and “milky coffee”. We were always in the UK in the middle of their winter (summer school holidays here in Australia) and we really looked forward to our midmorning cafe visits to thaw out. 😁

        I hope that dreaming of warm, fresh Eccles cakes and Whitby fish and chips might help to take your mind of your aches and pains. ❤️ Such a wonderful trip to look forward to!


      3. My Dad was English and my Mum A Kiwi, so I am half and half! My Mum has Danish ancestry, so Scandinavian roots too. My husband is also English and he has family in the UK. I’ve never seen toasted teacakes in NZ either. We try to go over every 4-5 years, but not sure how achievable that will be with Parkies. You just never know. I am so looking forward to our trip. Feeling a bit more positive today. One of the things we are going to do is a canal boat trip on the Lancaster Canal for six days. Can’t wait!


    1. Thanks. I try not to dwell too much. Off to the Doctor this morning, my whole leg is swollen and shiny and tight. My foot is noticeably swollen too. Hardly able to walk, so needs to be addressed.


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