Just because life is not all about Parkinson’s

A poem I wrote over 20 years ago after meeting my wonderful husband online. I always say he is the best internet shopping bargain I’ve ever had. A wee bit of Friday Fun!

Ode to Shopping for Shoes and finding a mate

Been sitting here thinking and considered with care
And now here’s my thoughts that I’d like to share

When looking for boots or shoes for our feet
We try several pairs on before hitting the street

For though some are pretty and some downright stunning
You don’t buy high heels and use ‘em for running

For shoes that look great, mates may gaze at with awe
But choose the wrong ones and your feet will be sore

But there’s love at first sight shoes you just have to buy
But impulse can hurt you, whether shoes, gals or guys

For choosing your footwear for looks not for fit
Or wrong for your purpose can hurt you like (shit?)

So here now’s the thing that I’m trying to say
Why do we choose mates in a haphazard way?

It’s often at pubs after doing much drinking
And often we say “What the heck was I thinking?”

In cold light of day and out in the glare
The night has worn off … and so has the beer

The guy (or the gal) we’d chosen when drunk
Is now not so rosy, no longer a spunk?

Our eyes may have met across crowded room
But once we’re in sunshine and out of the gloom

We find ourselves landed with some unknown stranger
They may still look good, but here now’s the danger

They’ve chatted you up, you’ve accepted a date
And next thing you know you’ve landed a mate

But how many have found before they’re aware
That all you’ve in common is drinking of beer

And here is the thing - once part of a twosome
We tend to remain even if it turns gruesome

I’ve come up with a plan now, a sort of solution
Let’s move with the times, by way of compution

Consider now friends the internet date
The techno solution to finding a mate

There’s sites there for searching for your every need
And profiles to look at, you just have to read

Or put on your profile and say what you’re inter
Like surfing in summer, or skiing in winter

Then sit back, relax and wait for replies
From likeminded ladies or friend seeking guys

From all the replies, you sit and peruse
You’re sure to find someone you really can’t lose

So when shopping for mates, don’t you see this is it
Just like shopping for shoes you must seek a good fit

For the best looking person or best looking shoe
May be lovely to look at but not right for you

An ill-fitting shoe will cause blisters and pain
But an ill-fitting partner brings heartache and strain

So seek out your soulmate, make your needs specific
You’re sure to succeed if you get scientific

So start off your quest on an Internet site
And soon you may find Mr (or Miss) right!
© Susan Marie Waight, 2023 all rights reserved

Published by kiwipommysue

I work in health and have been with the same supportive team for over 7 years. They are all aware of my diagnosis and this helps tremendously especially while I get used to the idea of my diagnosis. My parents both had Parkinsons, so I guess my odds were higher than most.

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