Getting up and getting going

Day two of my programme of exercise. I decided I would get up an hour earlier than previously, so that I have plenty of time. I’ve never liked to rush in the mornings, so to help me focus on my exercises – and not the time – I’ve given myself extra time. The exercises take me about 25-30 minutes give or take.

One of the exercises is typing, so this Blog is exercise too! I noticed a tendency to double tap some keys, so am trying to focus and concentrate more on my key strokes and it seems to help. I have also been a touch typist and accustomed to typing quite fast, so am consciously trying to slow my typing rate down and focus on accuracy and efficiency. Fast is not necessarily the way to go these days!

Practical tasks are included in my programme, like practising getting up out of my comfy couch! After sitting blobbing on my nice soft couch for a while, it can be a mission to haul myself out, so doing practical tasks like this is really useful. I have also found at times that I have jerky movements when putting my fork to my mouth when eating, so practising doing this with a smooth motion is also a useful skill.

Everything is designed to keep me moving and keep my movements ‘big’ and the tasks are very functional. I have to commit to doing these exercises twice a day for life…. Wow! That’s a commitment. My Physio said that ‘like your medication, exercise is medicine and vitally important to your well-being and functionality’. So now, my life is exercise and medication daily. If it keeps me better for longer, then that’s it for me, I can’t argue with the experts and the research.

Published by kiwipommysue

I work in health and have been with the same supportive team for over 7 years. They are all aware of my diagnosis and this helps tremendously especially while I get used to the idea of my diagnosis. My parents both had Parkinsons, so I guess my odds were higher than most.

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